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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona's economic problem

Anyone following current events is probably aware that Arizona's legislature passed a blatantly anti-gay bill masquerading as religious freedom. Today the news reports that Governor Jan Brewer is likely to veto the bill which would dodge a bullet in this dangerous legal precedent. But this leads me to the question of why she's probably going to use her veto. Is it because discrimination is wrong? No. Is it because it's a blatant violation of our First Amendment? Also no. It's because the economic price would be too high.
But privately, sources closer to Brewer say she's more likely to bend to warnings from business interests who say the law would unleash an economic backlash similar to the one that followed the state's controversial immigration law in 2010.
I'm all for people doing the right thing, but I prefer to see them done for the right reasons. If the reason you're doing the right thing is centered entirely on economic calculation then you're not doing the right thing but the practical thing. If that economic consequence appears to fade you can bet they'll try to do it again.

Once again I come back to my earlier problem with morality that isn't grounded in reality. If you can't show me why your morality is demonstrably correct I must question your moral foundation.

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