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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Don't You Dare!

The following is an open letter to the men and women who allegedly represent us regarding the War on Terror.

Mr. Mukasey is now demanding a new declaration of war enabling Mr. Bush, through his office, to abduct and torture any person on the planet in the name of our ephemeral war on terror. Simply put: don't you dare.

The war on terror has been a sham pretty much from the beginning. We accomplished one goal: driving the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan because they protected Osama bin Laden. Then we proceeded to throw it all out the window so Mr. Bush could start a separate war with Iraq. Now the Taliban are regaining their power in Afghanistan, bin Laden's whereabouts remain largely unknown and our citizens have been reduced to a state of constant fear -- less of terrorists and more of our own government.

I've previously demanded that the Bush administration be thoroughly investigated for war crimes and crimes against the American people. Those demands, along with similar demands from millions of my fellow Americans, have fallen on deaf ears. At the very least, listen to us now when we beg you not to rubber-stamp yet another expansion of executive power on the part of this administration.

Right now, the war that concerns me most is the war on freedom taken up by this government. Oppose it. Do whatever it takes to stop it. Our country was truly great once; help make it great once again.

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