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Friday, October 19, 2007

Telecom Amnesty

Personal news later. First, my letter today to Senator Salazar regarding the pending Telecom Amnesty bill in the Senate.

As our legislation prepares a bill that provides complete and total amnesty to telecommunication companies for violating the law at federal directive, Chris Dodd has dared to take a stance by putting a "hold" on that bill. Apparently, your Majority Leader has decided to ignore that hold and push for a vote. This brings two critical things to light: the first is that the contempt of our nation's leaders for the rule of law is now clearly visible, and the second is that leadership in both Congress and the Senate needs to change. If Senator Reid is determined to undermine Senator Dodd's hold against custom and rule, Senator Reid is no longer worthy to represent the Democrats in the Senate.

We cannot tolerate violations of the rule of law by our nation's elites any longer. If we are to regain any sort of respect amongst ourselves and our world neighbors, we need to restore our respect for the law no matter how much money we have or our standing within the community. Any leader who wants to continue to represent us needs to fight loud and long to restore the rule of law. I want to hear that you're leading the charge to back Chris Dodd and help defeat this amnesty bill. I want to see the Senate return to its role of passing good legislation instead of rubberstamping the Bush agenda.

Good luck, Sir. I hope you'll find the courage to do the right thing.

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